3 Reasons Commercial Locks Should Be Professionally Installed

25 November 2018
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If you're having locks installed on your new commercial building or if you are having the locks on your older commercial building replaced, you should not try to handle the job yourself. It's easy to want to handle your own projects when you can since it can save you money when it comes to operating your business. However, commercial lock installation is generally something that should be done by a commercial locksmith for these reasons. Read More 

3 Fire Features To Look For In Your Next Gun Safe

11 May 2018
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When you have guns in your house, you want to have a safe to store your guns in. You want the safe to be strong to ensure that your guns are secure, and you want your safe to protect against natural disasters, such as fires. Look at the Fire Rates Safe Time First, you need to look at how long the safe is able to withstand fire. You want to go for safes that withstand at least an hour with of exposure to heat, as most serious fires can burn for a while before they are properly put out by the fire station. Read More 

Reasons To Avoid Buying Cut-Rate Door Locks For Your Home

25 March 2018
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If you're building a home and need to choose the door locks that you'll use, your budget will often be something that you consider heavily. Perhaps because building a home can be costly, you may look at cut-rate door locks as a way of saving a significant amount of money. While the idea of saving money can always be desirable, there are other ways to save money during the construction of your home. Read More 

Three Ways To Help Your Latchkey Kid Remain Safe After School

31 January 2018
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Latchkey kids are kids who are left alone after school until their parents return home from work. They are referred to as "latchkey" because they have their own keys to their homes that unlatch their front doors. The kids are expected to come straight home after school, use their keys to enter their homes, and stay put until the parents come home. If you are planning on allowing your child to be a latchkey kid, here are some ways to help your child remain safe. Read More