Reasons To Avoid Buying Cut-Rate Door Locks For Your Home

25 March 2018
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If you're building a home and need to choose the door locks that you'll use, your budget will often be something that you consider heavily. Perhaps because building a home can be costly, you may look at cut-rate door locks as a way of saving a significant amount of money. While the idea of saving money can always be desirable, there are other ways to save money during the construction of your home. Generally, buying inexpensive door locks is a bad idea for a number of reasons. Here are three to keep in mind.

They May Operate Poorly And Then Break

One thing that you may quickly notice upon buying cut-rate locks is that their quality is poor. This can mean a couple of different things. Poor-quality locks won't operate in a manner that suits you. For example, the key may seem sticky when you slide it in and out of the lock, and you may have to jiggle the handle to move the deadbolt with the key. Over this, this situation can lead to significant frustration. Additionally, poor-quality locks can often break. The inexpensive internal components can snap off through regular use, leaving you with the major inconvenience of not being able to use the door.

They May Be Easier To Breach

There can be lots of viable ways to save money when you're building a house, but your locks should not be one of them. The locks are integral to keeping unwanted people out of your home in order for your family to be safe. A low-quality lock does not provide a strong-enough barrier against criminals. It may be easy to pick or easy to breach in a different way, such as by hitting it with a hammer. Saving some money on the locks for your home is a poor compromise when doing so may put your family's safety at risk.

Your Locksmith May Advocate Against Rekeying Them

When you need a lock changed, it's usually quicker and smarter to hire a locksmith to rekey it, rather than replace it. However, when the locksmith who arrives at your home sees the cheap locks that you're using, he or she may advocate against rekeying them, given their poor quality. This can mean that you'll need to replace the locks entirely. Had you spent a little more money up front to buy better locks, you wouldn't find yourself in such a situation.

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