5 Situations That Call For A Locksmith

24 February 2023
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A locksmith is a professional with a unique set of skills. You won't need one often, at least not if everything is ideal. However, you'll be glad to have access to locksmith services in any of these five situations.

Lost Access

The classic image of a locksmith is someone who shows up to save the day whenever you've lost access to a locked building or vehicle. If you broke your key off in the lock to your front door, for example, that's a good time to ask for locksmith services. People also request help when they've lost their keys and need new ones.

Notably, modern locksmiths are licensed to deal with many types of entry systems. Wireless and code-based systems may seem like modern and better answers to the historical need for keys, but they can leave you without access, too.


There are plenty of good reasons to rekey a lock. Someone who just got a divorce might want to deny their ex access to the house now that things are settled. Landlords frequently rekey houses for safety purposes to protect property and new tenants. A business that has taken possession of a building after a merger may require locksmith services.

Once more, a modern locksmith doesn't always deal with keys. Resetting and reprogramming a keyless entry system is just as essential.


Locksmiths are usually qualified to deal with safes. Suppose you need assistance selecting, installing, and configuring a safe. A locksmith can help you find the right option for your location. They can then assist you with the entire setup process, ensuring that you didn't accidentally make any mistakes along the way.

Core Security Systems

Another installation task for a locksmith is installing the core security systems for a building. Locks, deadbolts, and keyless entry devices are all common solutions. A professional can help you assess the risks at specific locations and select the right solutions for the circumstances. You can then rest easier knowing that a licensed contractor picked the right security system for your needs.

Master Keys

Many people need master keys. These are universal keys for a site, and they allow you to access everything with a single one. For example, a company with storage units might use a master key to access all of the units. At the same time, they'll still want to have individual keys to give to customers. It takes a special setup to ensure that both the master and individual keys will work properly.

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