3 Fire Features To Look For In Your Next Gun Safe

11 May 2018
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When you have guns in your house, you want to have a safe to store your guns in. You want the safe to be strong to ensure that your guns are secure, and you want your safe to protect against natural disasters, such as fires.

Look at the Fire Rates Safe Time

First, you need to look at how long the safe is able to withstand fire. You want to go for safes that withstand at least an hour with of exposure to heat, as most serious fires can burn for a while before they are properly put out by the fire station. The longer the exposure rating though, the better. If you can get a safe that is able to withstand, for example, two hours of intense heat, that is a better deal than a safe that is only able to withstand one hour of exposure to intense heat. At least once hour of coverage to extreme heat should be your base.

Double Up on Fire Protection

Second, if you are storing important items or papers in the safe, it is always best to double up on fire protection. For any really important valuables that you put inside of your safe, you should put them inside of a fire safe box and put that fire safe box inside of your safe. This just provides an extra layer of protection for really valuable items like a gun collection.

Make Sure It Has a Fire Seal

Third, not all safes that are rated to withstand extreme heat for at least an hour have a fire seal. A fire seal is activated by heat and expands to lock out moisture, smoke, and fire from getting into your safe. The fire seal will expand during a fire and create a tighter seal around your safe, increasing the protection of your safe. This is an important feature to make sure your safe has if you really want your safe to offer the best fire protection possible.

When you have a gun in your home, you want to have a safe that will protect your gun and valuables. Look for a safe that is able to withstand long exposure time to fires. Use a fire safe box inside of your safe for double protection. Make sure your safe has a fire seal. If you're not sure if your safe has the above qualities, or if your safe is damaged in some way, reach out to a local safe repair service for help.