Top Reasons To Rekey Your Locks

28 December 2022
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Rekeying is a locksmith service where the professional changes your door lock's configuration to be compatible with a new key. This means old keys cannot open the lock. Here are some reasons you should consider rekeying your locks. 

When Moving to a New Property

When you move into a new home, you should first rekey the property's door locks. This prevents the previous property owners from accessing your home. When your home's door locks are rekeyed, the old keys will not function. This is a recommended security measure for every new homeowner.

When a Roommate or Former Spouse Moves Out

If you had a roommate or recently broke up with a significant other, consider rekeying your locks. It doesn't matter whether the tenancy or relationship ended peacefully; it is good to rekey for security reasons. Rekeying will prevent the former occupants from coming into your house when you aren't present. This helps set boundaries and assures you that valuables will not come up missing.

When You Have Too Many Keys on Your Key Ring

You may have four or five keys on your key holder corresponding to different rooms in your home. It can be annoying to keep fumbling for the appropriate key for a specific room. One solution to this problem is having a master key. Your locksmith can configure the locks in your home so they can be opened with one key.

When You Lose or Break Your Keys

Another reason to rekey a lock is when you or a family member loses a key. In such a situation, there are chances someone will find the key to your home and burglarize it. Therefore, having your house locks rekeyed will give you peace of mind.

Another reason for rekeying is trying to pick your door lock after losing your keys. You may damage the door lock when trying to force it open. Also, your key may break inside the lock. In such cases, your locksmith may have to reset the door lock pins and create another key.

In Closing

One of the most sought-after locksmith services is rekeying. Whatever your reasons for rekeying, you need to find the best person for the job. The internet has numerous resources to help you find a reputable, experienced locksmith. 

Compare the quality of service and quotes of different locksmiths to find the one best suited for you. When hiring a locksmith for rekeying, ask them about all the available options. This will ensure you make an informed decision to ensure the security of your home.

Contact a local locksmith service to learn more.