Auto Locksmith: Different Types of Services an Auto Locksmith Can Provide

19 April 2021
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In most cases, people call on an auto locksmith's assistance when they lose car keys and transponders or when they lock their car keys in the car; typical car lockout situations. In either of these situations, an auto locksmith is the most qualified person to assist you without causing damage to your vehicle. However, auto locksmiths regularly update their training on other services you may not know about. Here are three additional services you can expect from an auto locksmith.

1. Reprogramming Malfunctioning Key Fobs

Nowadays, cars come equipped with transponders that can lock and unlock the car and start the engine. These transponders are programmed to generate a unique encrypted signal frequency for every action mentioned above. Thus an Engine Control Unit receives the encrypted signal, deciphers it, and directs the necessary action.

These fobs are prone to malfunction due to aging, multiple drops, or coming into contact with water. In most cases, when the transponder malfunctions, motorists prefer to buy a new transponder and have it programmed. However, an auto locksmith can save you the cost of a new transponder by reprogramming your malfunctioning key fob. A reprogrammed key fob works as well as a new one for a significantly lower cost.

2. Replacing Car Locks

Nowadays, security-wise, vehicle car locks are high-tech, and thus, they are not easy to open without a transponder or key. However, for persons with older model vehicles, this is not the case. A seasoned car thief can easily gain access to the vehicle because of the old low-security locks.

Thus if you have concerns about the security level your car locks provide, you should consult an auto locksmith. A locksmith can advise you on the best aftermarket or OEM locks to beef up your vehicle's security. Additionally, the auto locksmith can install, calibrate and test the new locks to ensure your vehicle is secure from theft.

3. Car Ignition Repair and Replacement

When car thieves steal your car, they don't have the ignition key to turn on the engine. Therefore, they usually improvise by using a screwdriver to turn the ignition port. Using a screwdriver in place of the ignition key often damages the vehicle's ignition port. Upon recovering your vehicle, it is impossible to use your ignition key to start the vehicle, and thus you need to have it repaired or replaced.

Some auto locksmiths are certified by respective car brands to provide ignition repairs and replacement. The auto locksmith will replace the damaged ignition port with a matching OEM replacement part, and the ignition will be as good as new. However, before entrusting an auto locksmith with such a task, make sure they are qualified and certified by your car's manufacturer to provide the service.