How To Choose Between Rekeying And Replacing Your Door Lock

25 July 2019
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When you lose your house key, or when a roommate moves out, you may consider getting new locks just to make sure no one enters with a key who isn't supposed to. You might have another option, and that's rekeying the locks rather than replace them. Here are some times rekeying could be an option and when replacement is better.

Reasons To Have Your Door Lock Rekeyed

Rekeying is the process of changing the pins inside your existing lock so your old key no longer works. The locksmith provides you with a different key so you start fresh as the only holder of your house key. Rekeying keeps the same door lock, although the lock has to be taken apart to change the pins. This makes rekeying a good option when you like the lock you have but you're just worried about who may have a key.

Another reason you may want to choose rekeying is because it is usually less expensive than having the entire lock replaced. The work goes quicker and you won't have to spend money on a new quality lock. Also, rekeying multiple doors in your home can make things more convenient for you. You might want the locksmith to rekey your side and back doors too so all the doors of your house can be operated with the same key. This is usually only possible if the locks are the same style with the same type of keyhole, but it could reduce the risk of losing keys to doors you don't use very often.

Reasons To Replace Your Door Lock

The main reason to replace your door lock rather than have it rekeyed is if you want to take the opportunity to upgrade to a more secure lock or an electronic look for more convenience. While replacement may cost more, if you're concerned about your security when someone has a copy of your key, then having the locksmith install more secure locks on your home could give you peace of mind.

You may also need to replace your door locks if you don't have a copy of the old key. The locksmith may need the old key to rekey the door depending on the type of lock you have. In this case, replacing the original lock may be necessary. When you call a locksmith to help you get in your house after you've lost a key or to replace a lock when someone else has a key, the locksmith will assess the situation and help you decide on the right way to fix the problem so your lock is secure and you feel safe.

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