3 Differences Between Residential And Commercial Locksmiths

24 October 2017
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Are you a business owner who is moving into a newer and larger building? Do you need to change the locks so that all of your employees have access to what they are supposed? If you've never had to do such a thing, you may initially be tempted to simply look up the nearest locksmith and to give them a call. While this might work, there's also a good chance that you might wind up calling a residential locksmith and not a commercial one. The difference might, at first, seem superficial and just a difference of one word. But while a locksmith might handle both types of services, there are locksmiths who specialize in one type of services or the other. Some of the differences between the two types include:

Lock technology: A residential locksmith will know how to get into or change locks and keys mainly for homes and vehicles. One that specializes in commercial locksmith services, on the other hand, will be able to handle many more systems. They'll be able to help you to figure out the logistics of a keycard system, a lock code system, regular keys, and other commercial lock types. As opposed to a residential system, where just a handful of people should have access to a particular thing, they'll be able to help you to deal with needing to have dozens or even hundreds of people who all have differing levels of access.

Security systems: Most security systems in a home are entirely separate from the locks. In a commercial setting, the two systems are often integrated. Commercial locksmith services will have educated information on where to place security panels and which locks need to be wired into the security system directly and which ones only need sensors installed. They'll also be able to partly or, sometimes, fully install the security system itself.

Repairing and replacing locks: Residential doorknobs are usually relatively uncomplicated. There are three main pieces that come together to make one single lock or doorknob. These kinds of locks can be broken relatively easily and should not be used in a commercial setting where the incentive to break in may be much higher. Commercial locks are much more complicated, often requiring entirely different slots and holes to be cut in the door so that the lock or knob can be fitted. A locksmith who only handles residential calls will not have the tools, and may not have the knowledge, necessary to repair or replace these types of locks. One who offers commercial locksmith services, like Vegas Lock and Key, however, will be able to handle these things with little difficulty.