Check-In And Check-Out Tips For Homestay Hosts

28 April 2017
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With the current economy, one of the outcomes has been that many people find themselves running a small business of sorts, renting out rooms of their home. Arguably, one of the most logistically challenging parts of being a host is communicating what guests should expect of the check-in and check-out policy. You are not a lawyer or a bouncer, so you must be sure to set clear policies and make your check-in process easy enough for guests to follow.

Dealing With Keys

Access is one of the most important parts of renting out your home. It's best if you can use locksmith services to put electronic pin pads on your home. That way, no keys must exchange hands at check-in and check-out. It makes it infinitely easier for your guests to arrive and leave at their own time, without you always needing to be present.

If you do have keys to your home, there are a few additional logistical concerns. You'll need to set up policies for lost and unreturned keys. It's a good idea to have locks rekeyed after a certain number of guests, since you will be giving access to keys to your home to many new people.

Check-In and Check-Out Timing

Be sure that guests know your availability before they even book a night in your home. If you aren't available until after work, let guests know so that they don't expect hotel-like check-in flexibility. It's a courtesy if guests provide contact information and timing on their arrival. It's nice to pick guests up if you live near an airport, but is in no way expected.

Sometimes, you may experience guests who leave well past the time that's considered reasonable. You should state a check-out time upfront and be willing to charge for an extra night. When you're trying to build a reputation as a host, it is hard to be stern with guests, but if you feel that the guest is taking advantage of you, it really helps to have your policies laid out upfront.

Welcome Book

At check-in, it is a good idea to have a welcome book that will let people know what to expect in your home. Hopefully, they already know something about your home, but this is the time to let them know all of your particulars. What areas are guests allowed to enter? Where can they find extra linens and things they may need? What special house rules do they have? And what kinds of cool and unique things can they find at your home or in the surrounding areas?

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