3 Signs You Need Commercial Door Repair Services

11 March 2022
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Doors play a major security role when running a business. Even if you have a state-of-the-art security system, it is only as good as the state of your doors. Therefore, hiring a contractor to inspect them regularly and fix any problems is a step in the right direction. With that said, ensure you call in a commercial door repair service when you notice any of these signs.

1. Struggling Locks

Under normal circumstances, locks should snugly fit into their respective doors. Therefore, if you notice that a lock won't fully latch, then it is time to contact a commercial door repair company. The same applies when locks are loose.

These are minor issues that pose a security threat to your business. So, you need to have the problem fixed lest unauthorized persons access your commercial space. Addressing the door issues can be all it takes to prevent you from replacing the lock(s) sooner than you should.

2. Doors Won't Fit Properly

You open and close your doors many times every day, causing wear and tear. The repeated opening and closing makes the door wear out quickly, increasing the chances of the doors not fitting on their frames. This creates a gap that can compromise your privacy. After all, the open space is enough for people to peep and eavesdrop on your private conversations.

Don't forget that factors like humidity and temperature can also lead to poorly fitting doors. For example, humidity can make doors expand, resulting in fitting issues. Likewise, fluctuating temperatures can make doors stick when it gets cold and loosen during hot seasons. If this is a problem you have noted over time, consulting with a commercial door repair professional will help you know how best to address the issue.

3. Odd Noise

Many doors tend to make a whooshing sound as someone opens or closes them. This is normal, and it's nothing much to worry about. But clicking, banging, squeaking, or any other odd noise indicates that all is not well. For instance, there might be something wrong with the gears or hinges.

Your business security depends on whether the doors are in good shape or not. For that reason, you should take immediate action when you notice any of the signs mentioned above. That way, the situation won't worsen over time. Also, remember that working with a door repair company is a good option. 

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