3 Benefits of Having a Commercial Access Control System in School

29 July 2021
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Whether public or private, schools are institutions that receive many visitors each day. For that reason, it is important to monitor everyone who accesses the school, be it a visitor, student, teacher, or parent. Though this may seem like an arduous task, a commercial access control system can offer an effective solution. This electronic equipment only grants entry to authorized persons to help keep everyone in your school safe. Read on to learn more about the benefits the system has to offer.

1. Assist in Implementing Lock Downs

There's no doubt that the term 'lockdown' has become synonymous with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Similarly, you may be prompted to implement a temporary lockdown at your school for safety and security reasons.

For instance, a lockdown may be necessary if a violent incident happens outside the school. The same applies if you wish to isolate an intruder who has already accessed the school building. In this case, the system allows you to restrict movement in and out of the school, making it easier to arrest them.

In both cases, the access control system will assist you in implementing an external or internal lockdown, keeping everyone in your school safe. 

2. Monitor Movement Within the School

As you are perhaps aware, a commercial access control system doesn't require the use of traditional keys. Instead, it comes with smart options such as electronic keypads or swipe cards. These are especially useful in tracking movement in and out of certain areas such as laboratories, exam rooms, or utility stores.

The fact that the system records every entry log means that you will know who is in a particular area at any given time. That way, it won't be hard to identify a culprit if something bad such as theft happens.

3.  Reliable and Versatile System

You will be happy to hear that a commercial access control system can be integrated with other security systems. For example, by linking the access control to your video surveillance cameras, you will see everyone coming in or out of your school premises.

Integrating your visitor management system with the access control system can also offer you crucial information to guide your decisions. That's because you will access crucial details such as a visitor's name, their entry time, and the department they intend to visit. Integrating the access control system with your students' attendance system will also save you the hassle of regularly taking roll calls.

With all these benefits in mind, you should consider investing in a commercial access control system. Take your time to choose the ideal access control solution and hire seasoned professionals for installation and maintenance.