Why Every Homeowner Should Choose Rekeying Over Lock Replacement

21 February 2020
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As a homeowner, whether you've just bought a house or you're concerned about the security of one you already own, working with a locksmith on security needs is important. For example, one of the things you should address is your exterior locks. When you can't be certain that there are no keys out there to your locks, you should have your locks rekeyed. Here are a few good reasons to consider rekeying your locks.

No Need To Change The Hardware

If you're happy with your current door hardware, like the way it looks, or don't want to invest the time and money required to replace it all, rekeying might be right for you. With lock rekeying, the existing lock tumbler is modified to fit a different key pattern, allowing you to keep the locks that are already installed without having to keep the same key.

No Need To Carry Multiple Keys

When you have several exterior doors, or you have more than one lock on each exterior door, carrying all of those keys can be cumbersome. Sometimes, it can be tough to find the right key for the lock that you are trying to open. This can cause needless delays, and it's more keys to potentially lose.

The good news is that, when you rekey your locks, you will be able to have all of your locks keyed to the same key. That means only carrying one key to get access to any door of your home, which can be much easier. This is especially true if you have children because they won't have to try to figure out which key fits the door they are trying to open.

More Affordable Solution

Replacing every lock on your exterior doors can be a costly proposition. You'll have to pay for new hardware as well as the labor and time involved in the installation. This can add up quickly, especially when you are dealing with several locks. 

Opting to rekey your locks instead can be much more cost-effective. You won't have to pay for any new hardware, and the time it takes to rekey locks is less than that of installing new ones. That means you'll save in both hardware and labor costs.

For more information, or to understand why rekeying your locks might be a better option, reach out to a locksmith near you today. He or she can go over your options and help you choose the right one for your situation.