5 Good Reasons To Rekey Your Locks

28 February 2019
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Life's full of changes—some of them expected while others can be entirely unpredictable. Some changes may even require you to have your door locks changed at some point. But instead of having the entire lock changed, you can instead have your locks rekeyed. Rekeying a door lock lets you keep your original lock while changing the key used to secure it.

During a rekeying, the locksmith simply changes or rearranges the key pins inside the lock's tumbler, in effect making the old key useless. The locksmith will then cut a key that matches the new profile of the rekeyed lock. Here are a few scenarios that make rekeying your locks worthwhile

1. You Just Moved Into a New Home

Moving into a new home brings with it a mix of emotions. But no matter how jubilant your first day in your new home is, it also pays to be a bit cautious. Between the various showings and open houses held by real estate brokers and, if you've purchased an older home, the previous owners and occupants, there's no telling how many copies of your home's original keys are floating around.

Whether it's a brand-new home with you as its first owner or an older home with multiple former owners, rekeying your locks after move-in is always a wise and prudent step. A thorough rekeying by your trusted locksmith will give you peace of mind about your home's security, and it can be combined with other security-enhancing measures, such as installing a new alarm system.

2. Your Keys Were Lost or Stolen

Imagine losing your keys by accident—or worse—having them stolen. Lost and stolen keys are an unsurprisingly common reason for homeowners to change their locks. The frustration that comes with losing your house keys eventually gives way to the fear that some unknown stranger could use those very keys to break into your home. A rekeying can help set aside those fears and prevent others from taking advantage of your misfortune.

3. You're Switching Roommates or Changing Tenants

If you share your home with a roommate or if you are renting a room out to someone, it's always a good idea to have the locks rekeyed whenever your housemates move out. It's not unusual for old roomies or tenants to forget about returning their keys. In addition, your old housemates may have made additional copies for themselves and their friends and family. Rekeying the locks ensures they're not able to make an unexpected return appearance.

4. You've Recently Changed Domestic Helpers

Changing from one babysitter, nanny, maid, or groundskeeper to another can be somewhat frustrating. What's even more frustrating is if they forget to return their keys or if they had extra copies made without your knowledge.

If your previous babysitters, nannies, maids, or any other domestic helpers had a copy of your house keys, then it's a good idea to have your locks rekeyed for security's sake. After rekeying your locks, you can issue new keys to the helpers you've recently hired.

5. You've Just Finished a Home Renovation

During your home renovation, your contractor may require a copy of your house keys for access, especially if you're away from home throughout the renovation. Unfortunately, your contractor might not be the only one with access to that key. With so many employees and subcontractors involved in your home renovation, there's no telling who could have possibly made copies for themselves and others.

You trust your contractor to be responsible with your keys, but you're better off playing it safe by rekeying every lock in your home after the renovation's complete. If there are unauthorized copies of your old house key floating around, a rekeying will instantly render them useless.