Strategic Places To Keep Your Gun Safe

27 December 2017
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Whether you have a firearm for personal safety or you have a collection of antique guns stored away, finding a strategic place in your home for your gun safe is essential. Your residential locksmith can help you choose the right safe and install it in the room of your choosing. Here are some suggestions about where to keep your gun safe to secure your firearms.

Bedroom Closet

The bedroom closet is an ideal location if you are storing a firearm for personal safety. It's close enough to access if you hear a noise downstairs, but it's not plainly visible should an intruder break into your home when you aren't there. Place a small safe on a shelf or on the floor in your closet, and make sure that the door and keypad are easily accessible. If you have small children in the home, an upper shelf may be a better option than storing the safe on the floor.

Laundry Room

If you have a prized gun collection stored in your safe, consider keeping it in the laundry room. This area of your home isn't likely to be checked by intruders. Place the safe in a corner of the room, and keep it out of sight by placing laundry baskets or bins in front. If there is a closet in the laundry room, consider having the safe installed inside. You can use folding carts and shelving systems in the laundry room to make up for the storage space you will use by keeping a large gun safe in the closet.

Home Office

Your home office is likely where you store important personal papers and other items for safekeeping, making it a smart place to keep your gun safe as well. If you work from home, keeping your personal firearm stored in this room can also provide easy access should an intruder try to break into your home during the middle of the workday. Keep the safe stashed under your desk or in an office supply cabinet to keep it out of sight.


Your basement can be an ideal place to store a collection of firearms. When placed near piles of boxes and storage containers, the safe may go largely unnoticed by potential burglars, and the concrete floor should be sturdy enough to hold a heavy safe securely. If your basement tends to be damp, consider keeping a dehumidifier in the room to help control the amount of moisture in the air, as damp conditions can damage antique firearms.

Talk to your residential locksmith about different types of gun safes, and have a safe professionally installed in your home to keep firearms securely stored away when they aren't needed.