Home Security Upgrades For Latchkey Kids

7 August 2017
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When your child is old enough to come home from school while you are still at work, you'll want to take a few extra precautions to ensure he or she is safe alone in the home. Your locksmith can help you to install a few security devices that can give you added peace of mind. Here are some of the many options to consider.

Smart Smoke Detectors

Smart smoke detectors provide added protection for your child. These detectors operate via your home's wireless internet system, and they can send alerts to your smartphone at the first sign of trouble. You can also turn the alarm off remotely if you know there is no fire. Some smoke detectors can also be set up to send an alert to your child's smartphone, so even if he or she doesn't hear the alarm going off, an alert on the phone can provide a warning that there may be danger in the home.

Keyless Locks

If your child tends to lose things, you may want to consider a keyless lock. These locks typically have touchscreens or keypads, and you can assign an access code to each member of your family. When connected to a smart home security system, these locks can even send an alert to your smartphone letting you know which person has opened the door. This lets you keep track of the time each child comes home. Because they can be operated remotely, they also allow you to unlock the door directly from your phone in the event that your child forgets the pass code. These locks can also be set with temporary codes, which you can use to let a friend or neighbor into the home to check on your child.

Interior Security Cameras

You may have had a nanny cam to monitor your children when they were with your babysitter, and you can use this same idea to keep an eye on your kids now that they are older. Your locksmith can install wireless security cameras in the main living areas of your home, including the living room, kitchen, and front entrance, to give you a peek at what your kids are up to while you are away. These cameras can be attached to your smartphone or tablet for easy viewing. Consider installing a camera on your front porch that's attached to the same wireless system as well. Your children can use the same smartphone app to see who rings the doorbell without ever having to open the door.

Have your locksmith inspect your home with you to identify other security upgrades you can use to keep your child safe while you are at work. Companies like Gene's Lock & Key can help.