Hire A High-End Automotive Locksmith When You Have A Luxury Car

18 July 2017
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Owning a luxury automobile provides a long list of benefits that you and your family members will enjoy as long as you own the car. One downfall to higher-end vehicles, however, is that servicing them in various ways can be costly. Each time you visit the dealership from which you bought the car, you might not be surprised to be handed a hefty bill for whatever work you're having done. When it comes to dealing with the keys and entry system for your vehicle, it's worthwhile to deal with a specialty automotive locksmith instead. Many such locksmiths cater to high-end car owners, and this type of locksmith can help you in these ways.

Programming New Keyless Transponders

Many luxury cars no longer use keys; instead, you simply carry a special transponder when you get into the car. When you're seated in the driver's seat, the vehicle will sense that the transponder is close. You can then press an ignition button on the dashboard and start the car. Understandably, your transponders use a lot of advanced technology and are thus expensive to replace through the dealership if you lose one. Instead of going to this expense, consult with locksmith services in the area to see if they can program one or more new transponders for you.

Duplication Of Transponder Keys

With older vehicles that have basic keys, you can get new keys cut anywhere the service is available, such as a hardware store. However, when it comes to getting a new key cut that has a transponder in it, this is a service that many people will take to their dealership. Instead of paying a high fee for a new transponder key, you can turn to your specialty automotive locksmith. This professional can not only cut the key so that it fits properly in your vehicle's ignition, but also that it contains the transponder chip that your vehicle recognizes.

Programming New Remote Entry Systems

Many luxury cars have remote entry systems, giving you the ability to press a button to unlock the vehicle's door as you approach. In some vehicles, the door will even unlock automatically when you get within a certain distance of the car, as the vehicle senses that you're wanting to get in. If this remote entry system fails, you'll be in for an expensive repair or replacement bill at the dealership. As an alternative, your automotive locksmith can program a new system for you.