Step-By-Step Plan For A Latch Key Kid Who Is Locked Out Of The House

26 June 2017
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Having a kid who is home by themselves after school means taking a number of safety measures. Though your children not making it home safely or a predator may be at the forefront of your mind, there are other issues that are more likely to crop up. Kids leaving their keys and getting locked of the house is one of the most common issues that occur. Since this is a likely occurrence at some point, it is necessary to come up with a step-by-step plan on what to do during a lockout. Here is a plan that you can intact to keep your kids safe when they forget their home keys at school. 

Contact parents immediately

If the kids get locked out, the first thing that they should do is contact one of their parents. The parent who is closest in radius to the home or the parent who can more easily get off work is the best person for the children to call. Your oldest child should have a cellular device that will allow them to call their parents if a lockout does happen. 

Go to a safe space

After the children realize that they are locked out of the home and call a parent, they should go to a safe place. This place can be a neighbor's hours, it can be a common area, such as the community clubhouse, or it can be the backyard if the children are able to open the gate. If there is a neighbor that can be on call for the kids to stay with for a short time, be sure to give your children the number to contact the neighbor. Instruct your children to remain at the safe place until you call them and tell them to do otherwise. 

Develop a relationship with a neighborhood locksmith

When you are planning for a possible lockout, you should also shop around for residential locksmiths. Find a good locksmith who can easily get to your location in the event that your children are locked out of the home. Some locksmiths may be able to dispatch to the home if they get a call from you. When you are first shopping for locksmiths, let them know of the situation and that they may need to let your children inside of the home at times. If the locksmith is able to get your information in advance and speak with you when help is needed, you  may not have to leave work to get your children safely inside of the home.