Why You Should Consider Making A Duplicate Car Key Now Rather Than Later

28 May 2017
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Having an extra set of keys for your car makes perfect sense. Many people realize this but never bother to have that set made until a situation forces them to. Unfortunately, that situation is often one you would rather not deal with at all. 

Why You Should Have a Duplicate Made Today

Many things can occur if you don't have a duplicate key. For example, you could go out to enjoy a game at a Stadium. On leaving, you may notice that your car keys are missing. This can lead to several possibilities.

  • You try to make it back to your seat to see if the key is there
  • You contact lost and found at the stadium
  • You frantically search all around the places you remember being
  • You call law enforcement (who will tell you to call a locksmith)
  • You call a locksmith

If you have a duplicate key, it's possible the key is only a phone call away. Someone you know and trust can show up with it, and you're good to go. It doesn't always work out that way. However, just knowing a duplicate key exists can give you a lot more peace of mind in such situation.

Should You Duplicate Every Key or Just Your Car Key?

Key duplication is one of the most basic functions of a locksmith, yet it's a service that many people never take advantage of. Many people realize this but never bother to have that set made until a situation forces them to.

You probably should consider duplicating all of your important keys. You may go one step further and duplicate every key you have. Keys go missing and forgotten often.

While it's very important to have a spare for your house or car, you should consider spares for other things. For example, if you have a storage unit with a lock on it, it's probably a good idea to have another key just in case.

Remember, you can lose an entire set of keys, not just one. So it's a good idea to have an entire set of backups.

Speak to Your Local Locksmith about Duplicate Keys

Have a spare car key cut for emergencies. Give one to someone you trust. Consider leaving a set at your job and a set at your home. No matter what, you should definitely have a proactive attitude about keeping a copy of your car key and other important keys.

Sometimes, your local locksmith may even offer a service where they keep a copy for you as well. Speak to your local locksmith about key duplication services.